Operation HOME

KnoxHMIS is part of Operation HOME, which is a regional collaborative between 13 East Tennessee counties to reach out to homeless veterans in order to connect them with the resources they need to find permanent housing and rebuild their lives. This East Tennessee effort is a part of a national push, Zero to 2016, to end veteran homelessness across the country by the end of 2015. KnoxHMIS assists in the effort by helping agencies identify homeless veterans they serve that are in need of housing in order to further address their needs towards housing placement. Planning and initial work on Operation: HOME began in March of this year, and extensive outreach is already underway. Since the beginning of the year, 147 homeless veterans have been housed. Current data indicate that 481 homeless veterans are still out there in need of housing.

If you are a veteran experiencing homelessness or you know a homeless veteran who needs help, please contact Volunteers of America Knoxville at 865.524.3926 or Tennessee Valley Coalition for the Homeless at 888.556.0791.